5 Books to Improve Your Understanding of Indian Constitution

Each year, on November 26, the nation observes the contributions made by Dr. B.

Constitution Day, formerly known as National Law Day, marks the formation of the largest constitution for the largest democracy in the world. It makes every citizen of India aware of his duty to keep the sanctity of the Preamble – sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic – intact.

Understanding the Constitution of India and being aware of the ideas that went into making this foundational part of the document is so imperative for the citizens that sometimes when the fabric of democracy is tainted by illegal and unconstitutional upheavals, Indians have their sharp tools to carve spots.

On the occasion of ‘Samvidhan Divas’, we bring you five books that you can read to be well acquainted with the Constitution of India.

Constitution of India

To perceive and understand the Constitution of India in his body, unfiltered and unfiltered, The Constitution of India, by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, is the first book you need to carry.

Introduction to the Constitution of India

The book is authored by Dr. Durga Das Basu, the book not only consists of state rulings but also contains critical analysis and comments of the author on various topics related to the constitution.

India’s Founding Moment: A Surprisingly More Democratic Constitution

The mind behind the book is Madhav Khosla, who talks about the founding fathers and the ideology behind looking at India under the veil of democracy and analyzes the means used to enhance the ethos of the nation we are witnessing today.

Vidarpa’s Widows: Making Shadows

The book written by Kuta Nelima provides insight into the neglect faced by the agricultural sector by the state through the lens of farmer suicide and focuses on the consequences of farmers’ deaths on the family, especially widows. The book incorporates one of the most important constitutional rights enshrined in the constitution, the right to life.

The Indian Constitution: The Cornerstone of the Nation

The list begins with one of the most important books written on the Constitution of India and ends with one. The book was brought by the famous American historian Granville Austin, who attributes the book to the natives of India. The book that we highly recommend reading is the compendium of careful analysis of the founding years, ie 1946-1949.

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