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We think breathing air is a very fun activity. See also: Drinking water and seasons (especially fall, we’re basic, no apologies, PSLs are king). Anyway, it turns out that a healthy planet is vital to all of the above. Your not-so-green ways will rob us of tasting autumnal artisanal cider on our scarf-patterned bodies. Let’s learn how to quit being (literally) litter animals together, so we can dread the leaf colors for years to come!

All we can provide

Dip your toe into the ocean (which also needs saving) protecting the environment with this collection of essays and poems from women involved in the fight to save the planet. Given that environmental efforts are closely linked to feminism and empowered females, this feels appropriate and necessary. As is the question: If we save our humanity by saving the Earth? Also, it is hard to panic about lakes of fire when you listen to them in a verse.

We are the weather

If you want to cry over the beauty of writing rather than the author’s suggestion that you ditch the bacon to save the world, give this one a listen. Here we examine the way we grow/produce meat and the effects of industrialization on agriculture and the planet. Our diet has far greater consequences than our taste, but don’t expect to hear a lecture. This writing is as straightforward as it is poetic. Oh, Jonathan. You have a lot of tension coming up here with your lovely paragraphs on planetary health after what you did to us last time. We look at you so loud and incredibly close.

atmosphere of hope

This is what happens when an environmental scientist and a mayor write a book together. Dig in if you want fewer flowers (literally, of course, the point of all these reads is to get them). more nature) and more facts. You could tell the mayor of New York helped write this, because this book beats no shreds, offers practical solutions, and presumably praises the questionable bodega sandwiches. We also assume that the brainstorming sessions had obligatory cakes with locally sourced shimmer.

How to avoid a climate disaster

This will make you feel better unless you own a large business or are a government official. HACD knows that it is the responsibility of businesses and corporations to invest and develop sustainable infrastructure. Investing in green energy can bridge the gap between economic opportunity and sustainability. Phasing out oil and coal production and diverting those resources and workers into projects that promote environmental health is the main way we will see real and lasting improvement. We’re putting on a green governmental and economic glow, especially if it means nothing is our fault.

Uninhabitable land

Perhaps like us, I grew up in fear and bathed in guilt every night. Thus, you probably need a dose of fear to motivate personal change. Look no further. We all hear about the devastating effects of global warming, but what will actually happen? Besides the killer tan (literally?) and excess vitamin D, we had to wonder. Well, we haven’t now and we’re sorry. But this is not about us. This is about finding out all the things that will end for you, your children/grandchildren and society as we know it if we don’t handle helping the planet right. currently. Enjoy listening to the different scenarios that all end in a complete ecological collapse, we’re begging the sun not to kill us all.

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