How to Read All of the Dune Books in Order

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Trailers got us excited, Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya stunned us on the red carpet, and now the much-anticipated adaptation of Frank Herbert Dune Finally on us. If you’ve just watched the movie and fallen back on Herbert’s sci-fi epic, you’re not alone (when is Part Two coming out?!). Don’t eat, though! Your journey to the world of sand dunes has just begun.

For those unfamiliar, Denis Villeneuve Dune Adapted from the first half of Frank Herbert’s original novel of the same name. Not only is there another complete half of the book you can dive into, but there are also five novels left in Herbert’s original series, and 15 companion novels by his son Brian Herbert and author Kevin J. From the history of the dunes. Yes.

There is plenty of material out there, so we’ve put together a recommended reading arrangement and guide to the saga so you can enjoy Herbert’s sci-fi saga without getting lost.

The original series was written by Frank Herbert

You’ll want to start with the six original novels that Frank Herbert actually wrote. Published from 1965 to 1985, these novels span several millennia and sit neatly in the middle of the Dunes saga. the first three books, DuneAnd christ dune, And Dune kids Submit and follow the Paul Atreides arc. Regular fans may leave there, but for those who invest a little more, you can catch up on the three remaining narratives, which span nearly 5,000 years of dunes history. Unfortunately, Chapter: sand dunes It ends in a cliffhanger where Frank Herbert didn’t get a chance to finish the series before his death in 1986.


christ dune

Dune kids

Emperor of God Dune

Dune heretics

Chapter: sand dunes

The conclusion of the original series

Don’t worry, because the original series finale is there. dune hunters And sand dune worms, written based on Frank Herbert’s notes by his son, Brian Herbert, and author Kevin J. Anderson completes the story started by Frank Herbert.

dune hunters

sand dune worms

From there, you can choose how to proceed with the remaining books (of which there are many!). They are listed here in chronological order:

before the original

dune legends

The Legends of Dune trilogy takes place more than 10,000 years before the events of Dune It establishes culture, families, and war against thinking machines.

jihad butlerian

Crusader Machine

Battle of Korin

sand dune schools

The Great Sand Dunes Schools trilogy takes place nearly a century after the events of Battle of Korin It chronicles the early years of the great schools of the imperium.

Dune Sisters

Mintats of sand dunes

Dune navigators

Introduction to sand dunes

The Prelude to Dune trilogy is a direct introduction to Dune Set in the decades leading up to the events of the original book, it forges the relationships and politics that paved the way for the Battle of Arrakis.

Sand Dunes: House Atreides

Sand Dunes: House Harkonnen

Sand Dunes: House Corrino

caladan trilogy

Caldan Trilogy, announced in 2020, focuses on Duke Leto, Lady Jessica and Paul, and leads directly to Dune.

Dune: Duke of Caladan

Dune: Lady Caladan

Dune: Heir of Caladan (upcoming, express, appearing)

during assets

Dune Heroes

The Heroes of Dune is a two-player game that takes place during the Corino Empire and fills in the gaps between Frank Herbert’s original novels.

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