NYC bike accident attorney Glenn Herman launches new ebook

NEW YORK, NY, November 25, 2021 (Globe Newswire) – In the Bicycle Injury and Accident eBook, Attorney Glenn Herman educates New Yorkers about what they should know about bicycle injuries and accidents but don’t necessarily know.

New York City bike accident attorney Glenn Herman

Glenn Herman, a New York City bike injury attorney, recently launched a new e-book titled “The 2021 New York City Bicycle Injury Pandemic and Injuries, Bicycle Injuries and Accidents.” The 23-page e-book is intended to educate New Yorkers about what most people and law firms should know but not necessarily be aware of about bicycle injuries and accidents.

Hermann shared in his e-book how his law firm was able to obtain a settlement for a seriously injured cyclist within 90 days.

“We represented a 40-year-old man riding his bike home one evening when he was hit by an SUV at a Brooklyn intersection. The man was very seriously injured, which required hospital treatment and surgery,” Hermann wrote.

“The case was very difficult, however we were able to negotiate a settlement for the full proceeds of the SUV insurance policy. The case was brought to the lawsuit immediately, by notifying the insurance company, the settlement was negotiated, payment and secured within 90 days.”

In the e-book, Hermann mentioned how the pandemic has led to the bicycle boom in New York City, which also means that there will also be a rise in cyclist injuries and deaths.

For people who live in cities, especially cities like New York, the arrival of COVID-19 has changed our daily lives. One of those changes was a boom in bicycle use. Many people who rely on public transportation such as the subway and buses now feel that these modes of transportation pose a health risk. For many, cycling has become the preferred way to get to work and get around towns.”

“Local bike stores sell most bikes for less than $1,000. Bikeshare programs, such as New York City’s Citibike program, have seen an unprecedented rise in usage,” Hermann said. “With the rate of cycling on the rise, especially in cities like New York, it is expected that there will be a concomitant rise in cyclist injuries and deaths.”

Hermann wrote detailed pages of bike accident data for New York City and compared it to other states in the country. He also explained the most common types of cyclist injuries and presented three case studies of bicycle accidents and injuries that every New Yorker should know.

About attorney Glenn Herman of New York City bike accident injury

Born and raised in New York City, Glenn has been fighting for injury victims for over 25 years. Glenn has a unique ability to make clients comfortable discussing their legal and personal issues and explaining the law in a way they can understand. He has experience in all areas of personal injury litigation, including medical malpractice, bus accidents, car, motorcycle, bicycle accidents, construction accidents, building neglect, aviation accidents, excessive police force, civil rights cases, and uninsured motorists cases / Uninsured. , Liability for products, defective medical devices and medicines, slip and fall issues, municipal liability and wrongful death.

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