The Best Audiobooks to Gift This Season

Just like this, gifting season is upon us and, inevitably, the stress of finding the perfect gifts. If you want to avoid the headache of crowded malls, this is the dreaded “out of stock” sign, plenty and a lot From hesitation, we have just the thing for you!

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The best fantasy audiobooks

coco land cloud By Anthony Doerr Narrated by Simon Jones, Marin Ireland

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author All the light we can’t seePerhaps the best-selling and beloved literary novel of our time coco land cloud.

Set in 15th-century Constantinople, in a small town in present-day Idaho, and on an interstellar ship decades from now, Anthony Doerr’s brilliant third novel is a triumph of imagination and compassion, a tumultuous tale of children on the cusp of adulthood. In Worlds in Peril, they find resilience, hope, and a book.

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Malibu height By Taylor Jenkins Reid, narrated by Julia Whelan

Malibu: August 1983. It’s the day of Nina Riva’s annual End of Summer Party, and anticipation is at its peak. Everyone wants to be near the famous Rivas. Siblings together are a source of fascination in Malibu and around the world – especially as they are descendants of legendary singer Mick Riva.

By midnight the party will be completely out of control. By morning, the Riva Palace would be on fire. But before that first spark in the wee hours before dawn, the alcohol will flow, the music will be heard, and all the love and secrets that have shaped the generations of this family will surface.

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Go and tell the bees I’m gone Written by Diana Gabaldon Narrated by Davina Porter

#1 The New York Times Bestselling author Diana Gabaldon returns with the latest novel in the epic Outlander series.

The past may seem the safest place… but it is the most dangerous time to survive. … Jimmy Fraser and Claire Randall were torn apart by the rise of the Jacobites in 1746, and it took twenty years to find each other again. Now the American Revolution threatens to do the same.

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Best mystery and thriller audiobooks

Billy Summers By Stephen King, narrated by Paul Sparks

Billy Summers is a man in a room with a gun. He’s a hitman and the best in the business. But he won’t do the job unless the target is a really bad guy. And now Billy wants out. But first there is the final blow. Billy is among the best snipers in the world, a handsome vet in the Iraq War, and Houdini when it comes to disappearing after the mission is over. So what could possibly go wrong?

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The other black girl Written by Zakiya Delilah Harris and narrated by Aja Naomi King, Heather Alicia Sims, Bahne Turpin and Jonesy Abbott Pratt.

Twenty-six-year-old assistant editor Nella Rogers is tired of being the only black employee at Wagner Books. Tired of solitude and subtle assaults, I was thrilled when Harlem-born and raised Hazel began working in the cabin next to her. They’re only just beginning to compare natural hair care regimens, though, when a series of uncomfortable events lead Hazel to the Darling office, leaving Nella in the dust.

Then the notes begin to appear on Nella’s desk: LEAVE WAGNER. currently.

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List of judges John Grisham, Narrated by Mary Louise Parker

Detective Lacey Stoltz is tired of her work on the Florida Board of Judicial Conduct and is ready for a change. Then she meets a mysterious woman who is so scared that she uses a number of nicknames. Jerry Crosby’s father was murdered twenty years ago in an unsolved case that’s getting cold. But Jerry has a suspect she has become obsessed with and has been stalking him for two decades. Along the way, she discovers other victims.

Suspicion is easy enough, but evidence seems impossible. He is the most dangerous serial killer. He knows forensics, police procedures and most importantly he knows the law.

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best diary

will Written by Will Smith, Narrated by Will Smith

One of the most dynamic and universally recognized forces of entertainment of our time opens fully into his life, in a brave and inspiring book that traces his learning curve to a place where outer success, inner happiness, and human connection are aligned. Along the way, Will tells the full story of one of the most amazing journeys through the worlds of music and movies anyone has ever taken.

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The narrator.. the narrator of the stories Written by Dave Grohl Narrated by Dave Grohl

Excerpts from five never-before-heard demos by Dave Grohl and an exclusive original story by The narrator.. the narrator of the stories audiobook.

So, I wrote a book.

The joy I felt from chronicling these tales is no different from listening to a song I recorded and can’t wait to share with the world, reading a rudimentary diary entry from a smudged notebook, or even hearing my own voice bouncing between the kiss posters on my wall as a child.

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Crying at H-Mart By Michael Zoner Narrated by Michael Zoner

From indie rock star to Japanese breakfast fame, and author of the 2018 viral book New Yorker An essay that shares the title of this book is a powerful and unwavering memoir about her Korean-American upbringing, the loss of her mother, and the falsification of her own identity.

In this fascinating tale of family, food, grief, and endurance, Michelle Zoner proves herself to be much more than just a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Zoner’s voice is lively, easy to speak, lyrical and honest, and Zoner’s voice is as lively on the page as it is on stage.

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The best non-fiction

Bourdain: The Oral Biography Laurie Wooliver, Narrated by W. Camau Bell, Nigella Lawson, Laurie Wooliver, Christopher Bourdain, Jose Andres, and full crew

An unprecedented behind-the-scenes view of Anthony Bourdain’s life from people who know him well.

When Anthony Bourdain passed away in June 2018, fans from around the world gathered to celebrate the life of an incomparable man who devoted his life to traveling just about everywhere (and eating just about everything), and shedding light on the lives and stories of others. His influence was significant and his legacy has only grown since his death.

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Anthropocene review: essays on a human-centered planet By John Green Narrated by John Green

The Anthropocene is the current geological age, during which humans have profoundly reshaped the planet and its biodiversity. In this fascinating symphony of articles adapted and expanded from his groundbreaking podcast, bestselling author John Green reviews different aspects of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale – from QWERTY keyboards and sunsets to Canadian geese and Madagascar penguins .

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Wake Up This Morning: The Definitive Oral History of the Sopranos Written by Steve Chiriba and Michael Imperioli, Narrated by Michael Imperioli, Steve Scheripa, and full crew.

The definitive oral history of the historical TV series and streaming hit sopranoFilled with untold stories behind the scenes and on set. Stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa – who soprano talking The podcast has become a hot fan favorite – talk closely with just about everyone who has been on the show. And they are ready to empty it all.

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